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December 28, 2017
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Matica Card Printers

Matica Card Printers is a high-performance solution for industrial card manufactures and mailing systems. Matica card printers provide personalisation and encoding technology systems for banking, access control, government systems and ID cards, each printer is designed for all industrial companies; for example, the Matica Card Printers for desktop is perfect for all commercial industries such as offices, Transport applications, ID badges, banking systems and small growing businesses. The desktop Metica Card Printers can produce contactless chip encoding cards, single/dual side lamination, on board PC as well as 350 to 1,400 cards feeder capacity and transportation encoding.

Matica Card Printers understand the safety measures regarding most high official companies and systems. When it comes to safety the Government identity management security printing is inevitable to protect national documents from forgery. Matica Card Printers manufactures a laser engraving system that captures greyscale high-resolution images for documents such as Driving Licenses, Passports, visas and national ID cards. Matica Card Printers even offer MLI, CLI, offset registration, MRZ reading, a magnetic strip and even some a contactless chip encoding perfect for an in-branch or in-bureau finance institution. This desktop Laser Printer can upstand 120 personalisation ID cards per hour with duel lamination, assuming all card specifics including magnetic strip and smart card encoding can be reached, making Matica card Printers an efficient method of secure modified card printing.

Matica High- Performance Retransfer is another Matica Card Printers method for heavy-duty id card printing in colour. The Matica Card Printers is a sophisticated desktop system that allows applicants such as national establishments and card service agencies to print heavy-duty id cards with a corresponding processing control. High officials can reduce transfer times of net figures and high-speed data connectivity when the card is being manufactured with the High-Performance Retransfer.

When it comes to official ID documents Matica Card Printers, manufacture professional, world Class passport printers. This Matica Card Printers series is an exceptional printing solution for governments to manufacture secure quality document efficiently, both passport printing series offer black and white and colour printing res, for example, the Matica Card Printers P101i/202i feature an OEM printing technology in compliance with the ICAO, that can also print Visa or Observations on every page.

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