June 28, 2016
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Id Badge Printer

Intercard P4 Card Printer

The P4 is the ideal solution for all ID applications. It can readily be used for employee and access control badges, transport passes, loyalty and payment cards etc.

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These technologies include magnetic stripe encoding, smart contact reading with or without encoding unit and/or contactless encoding. Each technology can be seamlessly combined and specified.
This no-hassle solution offers top-of-the-range performance with unmatched quality and reliability. Engineered to last thanks to strict selection of components and advanced quality testing, the elegant clamshell design offers both good looks and practicality.

Both the printer and the software have been crafted with user needs in mind. The P4 is easy to install, monitor and operate. Users undertake these functions themselves thereby minimising downtime.
Clever engineering and design provides speed and ease of printing tasks such as ribbon installation, cleaning, and card thickness adjustment. From the very first time you use the P4 you will be able to personalise and print cards – this is a very smart way to save time and, ultimately, money!