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September 25, 2017
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November 1, 2017
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Contactless Card

Contactless Payments

The Contactless Card

offers the flexibility of transactions with minimal human interference e.g. access control, cashless catering and vending. The chip controls all communication with the reader, data retention, data encryption and authentication security, however, there are some risks with contactless cards which you can try to avoid.

Digital Pickpockets

have evolved since the age of contactless. With the breed of RFID readers, a form of technology that can easily read your credit and debit card details without having to physically touch your wallet or purse, just by using radio frequency identification

It takes up to just six inches distance for these crooks to steal your bank details using the wireless signals transmitted when the card is being used. The best part is RFID have their very own app enabled on smartphones, allowing the fraudsters to attack straight from their mobile. A top tip to avoid this is the foil trick, this shields the card and acts as a reflector to stop the criminal reading your card no matter how close they are to you.

Making The Wrong Payment

is another issue with contactless cards, an example of this is the clash of the cards. If you are using it for transport and don’t remove the correct card from your wallet when in use, it can pick up both your debit and oyster card details. Therefore, the reader won’t be able to pick up the correct card and can charge you multiple times for the same trip. It can also, unfortunately, take the details from a card that doesn’t have enough money on it to make the whole journey. This is also similar to making unintended payments, for example when making a purchase the reader can pick up other cards nearby suggesting people are making purchases without even buying anything.

Contactless Card Solutions

are easy to manage with plastic card services offering many different facilities, however, at Intercard we have the solution to stop the problems of the contactless mishaps. Matica S3100 a system used the same way as contactless credit, debit or prepaid card, the ‘Tagpay’ card can process purchases under €20 and for extra security, a PIN is required for purchases over €20 making it even safer than the regular contactless card.

Another solution is the Contactless smart card. They are very different from RFID tags. Both plastic cards are wireless, meaning they can connect wirelessly to a mobile, but contactless smart cards are far more innovative and secure. A contactless smart card consists of multiple mechanisms: It is produced in a laminated plastic card body, with an embedded aerial that allows the card to link with an antenna coupling unit and an electronic microchip, or a microprocessor which stores both retained and communicated data.

Another significant difference is how far away someone can read the cards or tags. Contactless smart card has a very limited read range of four inches or less to prevent tracking or theft. With an average of 3000 cards being used within the hour our financial card systems ensure a safe reliable and cost-effective solution for bank and loyalty cards

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