Plastic Card Fulfilment

We support and work with leading manufacturers such as Logika Technology SrL, ICS , Evolis and Dynetics to enable you to choose a system to suit your specific needs, marketing and supporting plastic card personalisation and mailing systems to fulfil functions such as:

Magnetic Strip Encoding

Thermal Printing Barcodes

Indenting Front or Reverse

Chip Initialisation

Full Colour Printing Dye Sublimation

Ink Jet Printing


Tipping Choice of Colours

RFID Encoding


Many of our customers select fulfilment services as a natural extension of their card, stationery and direct mail activities.Intercard’s sophisticated and secure mailing and fulfilment technology and services enable you to personalise, number or address a multitude of mail items from your data.

Automatic Matching of Cards and Carriers

Stock Control and Management

Carriers are Laser Printed

Hand Fulfilment


In today’s economy, every penny has to count. So if you’re thinking of spending money to find new customers, you can’t ignore Intercard's direct mail service. With the price of postage and the cost of compiling mail-outs a growing expense for businesses, see how Intercard's direct mail services can save you time and money.

Transactional Mailing

Machine Envelope Insertion

Full Range of Royal Mail and Courier Services

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