Plastic Card Systems Overview

You can choose from an extensive range of superbly built, latest generation systems - proven within our plastic card facility and successfully installed and used at numerous sites, both in the U.K. and worldwide.

We support and work with leading manufacturers such as Logika Technology SrL, ICS , Evolis and Dynetics to enable you to choose a system to suit your specific need.

We market and support plastic card personalisation and mailing systems to fulfil the following functions:

  • Embossing and Tipping
  • Indent
  • Chip and RFID Initialisation and Magnetic Stripe Encoding
  • Monochrome Thermal Printing including Thermal Barcode Printing
  • Full Colour Dye Sublimation Printing
  • Laser Engraving
  • Automatic Matching and Attaching of Plastic Cards to Addressed Letter Carriers
  • Automatic Insert Matching into Envelopes
  • Laser Printing of Card Carrier Letters
  • Automatic Carrier Letter Folding

To understand the merits, applications and purposes for the various plastic card systems you can get more detailed information here.

Logika Technology are leading specialist designers and manufacturers of plastic card personalisation and match mailing systems. Offering superior plastic card systems, combined with a depth of expertise and extensive plastic card industry knowledge, it is Logika's drive to fully satisfy your card personalisation and match mailing requirements that is integral. The brand of Logika is synonymous with top quality, highly innovative and superbly reliable plastic card personalisation systems. With its traditional base in Milan, Italy, Logika have added new manufacturing bases in China – most recently in the rapidly expanding and dynamic economic area of Pu Dong in Shanghai.

Research and product development is undertaken in both locations ensuring that the high-end design skills of the Milanese electro-mechanical engineers are retained alongside the new, high energy manufacturing ideas and talents of their Chinese colleagues. The Logika portfolio of products offers desktop systems and both pre-specified custom built (non retro fit) modular system and a full function, truly flexible and productive modular system that can be assembled and subsequently reassembled according to the customers’ needs, offering the optimal productive platform. Combining functionality and reliability the Logika range represents the latest technology in card issuing. With a full range of high quality, high speed embossing, encoding and printing systems, Logika products are ideally suited for mid to high range batch production. Whilst the desktop systems (LC700 card embossers and TP950 thermal printers) are robust mid range workhorses, the larger systems (LC1000, LC2000 Domi.Net plastic card personalisation systems and MailerPlus card mailing systems) with their modular architecture and high throughput, are the ideal solution for the issuance of higher volume applications and all types of financial cards.

ICS are the highly innovative manufacturers of uniquely scalable card personalisation and mailing solutions. ICS offer superbly engineered, modular systems offering performance levels from 1000 to 7000 cards per hour. Intercard has developed a close working relationship with the highly talented ICS team.

Evolis products, with a print speed of 150 cards/hour in colour and 1000 cards/hour in monochrome, offer elegant design, with both good looks and practicality with a small footprint, ideal for the office environment. Ideal for all ID applications. It can readily be used for employee and access control badges, transport passes, loyalty and payment cards etc.

You can select from the range of advanced card personalisation and mailing systems that we market, some of which we hold in stock, whilst others are manufactured to order and are just a short lead time away. The system(s) that are recommended for you will depend upon your specific applications. Different card volumes and the personalisation or mailing processes required will dictate what is proposed. Each system within our range will provide you with a professionally finished product. You can also purchase the various software packages that support the machines through Intercard.

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