The world of the Plastic Card company in your wallet

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April 27, 2018
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Now the world as we know it for most of us has revolved around a small rectangular plastic card. They are used in almost every aspect of life, purchasing, bills, id, security our simple everyday routines would not be the same with the world of the card company. Could you imagine how society would be if there was no such thing as credit cards or id badges, we would be limited to basic survival without the card company revolution. Before any of us leave the house, the standard bank card and driving license check are carried out and the sigh of relief leaves us as we see them tucked behind the other plastic cards that bulk out your wallet, even though we never use them. Yet we can’t seem to throw them away just in case that store card or old wasted gym membership might one day come in handy.

There are many things you need to know about the Card Company, the majority of people now take out credit cards when making big purchases. This is an instant way of paying for things such as holidays, cars outstanding bills etc but gives you a long-term settlement to pay it off. When it comes to a card company they can take out credit history checks before they even consider accepting you, therefore we are forced to be sensible and make sure everything we buy or invest in meets the standard payments each month on an exact date without fail, otherwise say goodbye to a good rectified credit history and a possible lifetime of credit rejection.

There are now regulations that allow us to take out valuable legal protection with that card company. If the card company you are with ever goes under, the card is stolen or the card company doesn’t carry out the services they promised when you signed up, then you are protected. Think of it as an insurance for those thousands of pounds you have sitting in the bank that is collecting interest, you don’t walk into a high-end jeweler’s worth millionths of pounds and not see security so why wouldn’t you get legal protection.


Furthermore, another factor that seems nearly impossible to avoid in the world of the card company is interest. Now it has its incentives but it also has its downfalls, when borrowing money interest can be a burden, you end up paying back more then what you initially borrowed, therefore the larger the sum the higher then interest rate can potentially be, however, the card company can add interest in your favour if you choose to bank with them, meaning they pay you the interest. So, it can be a win, win situation but only if your card holds more money then you desire and you sign up for an eternity with that bank.

What about the average trusty debit card you ask, these are the most common plastic cards circulating the globe and pretty much everyone with a bank account has one. The card company produces millions of theses each one with a different name and number, personalised for every individual to go nicely with their id’s so they can live what we now call a normal life. Again, our day to day cards are what we rely on most, that we use online, in a shop, at a cash machine, to travel, in a restaurant. Even so to be allowed a debit card you need an id card to prove who you are. Everything we work so hard for can’t be done without this piece of plastic, the card company has become such a key essential to the world that you would be considered weird if you didn’t own some kind of plastic card.
The card company is an invention we just can’t live without.


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