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Why Physical Cards Are Still King!

In today’s modern world where everything is about tech, you can be forgiven for thinking about moving everything for your client in to the digital arena. Emails are great, we’d be lost without social, automated text are wonderful reminders (when timely), sat nav directions are a life saver, but digital membership and loyalty cards may not be all they’ve cracked up to be! And yes, I would say that, we produce physical cards but actually there is more to it!

It all really centres around brand awareness. We all know that it is challenging to get cut through and traction in today’s ever increasingly busy market place so why would you actively take something out of someone’s wallet? Physical cards are tangible and each time a purse or wallet is opened they are seen, they are a continual re-enforcement of a brand.

The world of marketing used to work on a principal of seeing a brand 7 times before you would purchase the product. In today’s noisy world a brand really does need to be seen as many times as possible. If you take the principal of 7 to a more extreme view and you say you need to see/hear a brand 7 times a day, and then think how many times a wallet is opened each day, isn’t this the perfect place?

What’s more, companies who give their customers a physical card have told us that it means more to their customers than an app which is hidden on one page of their phone. It’s a tangible reminder that is deemed to be professional, credible and slick and in many cases, customers have enjoyed flashing their card in front of others, a sort of status symbol!

And, when you look what can be done with the print and production of physical cards these days, why would you not consider it? Personalisation, embossing, magnetic coding strip, microchips and much more – physical cards really do hold so many possibilities.

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